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Who are we?

Jiangsu ProvincestackIntelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in2012year,坐落于Jiangsu Province省东台市五烈镇小戴河科创园5Building No。The company has been dedicated to robotic arms for many years、robot、Research and development of intelligent factory technology,Through continuous innovation and technological upgrades,Now it has become a company specializing in research and development, manufacturing, production, and sales of robotic arms、robot、AGV、Technology oriented enterprises mainly focused on automation system equipment。

The company's main products include standard machine equipment,Truss multi axis robotic arm,4Axis industrial robots,6Axis handling robot,AGV,Pneumatic assisted robotic arm,Robot walking axis(Section7axis),Online labeling machine;

Development of automatic production lines and non-standard projects:Robot automatic loading and unloading production line,Chemical fiber automatic bagging and packaging line,Up and down loop chain board line,Automatic packing line,Automatic detection equipment,Automatic polishing equipment,Non standard folding box machine,Automatic insertionPINMachine, etc。

The product is mainly used in chemical fibers、Automotive spare parts、new energy、metallurgy、semiconductor、Various fields such as electronics。


Product Introduction

Corporate culture
management idea:major、responsibility、share
Marketing philosophy:Creating value for users,Winning Friends for Enterprises
Development momentum:Do business with love,Be a person with a grateful heart
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sense of worth
Pursuing value is the starting point of our work,
Creating value is the driving force of our lives,
Realizing value is our eternal pursuit!
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technical support
Comprehensive after-sales technical support
24Hourly response,Provide effective solutions for customers,
Continuously follow up on customer usage,Enhance the experience!
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